Apply for a Loan

Follow the steps below to learn about our lending criteria and process.

1 Eligible Charter Schools

If your school meets our stated eligibility criteria, we invite you to proceed to step 2 which is our pre-application. If you have questions about our eligibility criteria, please feel free to contact us.


We want to spur growth among Colorado front range area high quality charter schools in neighborhoods of greatest need where there are not enough high quality public schools.


We believe that a solid school plan, leadership team, and track record of achievement are critical for school success. Among existing operators, we look for schools rated as Performing (i.e., green) or better by CDE’s School Performance Framework (SPF).

student demographics

Part of our mission is to improve equity in education, so we look for schools who serve a student demographic including 50% or more students qualifying for free or reduced lunch (FRL).

2 Feasibility and Pre-Application

To get started in applying for a loan, schools should submit a simple pre-application:

Fit to Criteria

Describe how your location, past performance or current school design and student demographics align to CCFS criteria.

Facility & Finances

Describe what you are trying to buy, lease or renovate. Describe project costs, deal terms, timelines and provide simple pro formas.


Tell us about your team, including background on the school leader, charter board, project lead and professional advisors and contractors.

The items above represent a short narrative to describe your needs for a new or renovated facility. In addition, CCFS would like to see the following as attachments during this pre-application step:

  • Facility layout / schematic
  • Estimated project costs, including architectural and other soft costs
  • Appraisals, if available
  • Lease, purchase or sale agreements
  • Past two years of financial audits
  • Resumes for key team members
  • Pro forma or budget forecast

3 Loan Application

A formal loan application will require a full package of materials for CCFS to review and evaluate.

4 Loan Approval

5 Pay for Construction