Colorado Charter Facility Solution’s mission is to provide and facilitate affordable facility solutions that increase the number of high quality public charter school seats for underserved Colorado students.


We believe that successful charter schools deserve better access to affordable facility financing and envision a future where facility costs are less of a barrier to growth and expansion.

We exist to enable growth for high-quality charter schools so their students can thrive because:


Colorado needs more high-quality, public school options to serve its growing population.


High-quality schools are not evenly distributed across the state and many low income communities have disproportionate number of lower performing public schools.


Charter schools have struggled to obtain affordable private facilities, in part due to the costs and terms of borrowing funds to purchase and/or renovate these buildings.


New or expanding charter schools can benefit from shorter term financing in their early years before transitioning to affordable permanent financing once they have grown to scale and demonstrated a track record.

our staff and board

Jane Ellis, Executive Director


Jane Ellis is the Executive Director of Colorado Charter Facility Solutions, a non-profit that seeks to help CO charter schools overcome their challenges to find suitable and affordable facilities. Until April 2016, Ms. Ellis led Self-Help’s Charter Lending Team to expand its lending footprint nationwide, and to provide $300 million for charter school facilities. She has served on several non-profit boards of directors, including charter schools, state charter support organizations, and was Co-Chair of the 2012 National Charter School Conference Program Committee. She frequently conducts workshops on facility finance, budget management, real estate development and charter school governance. Prior to her work at Self-Help, Ms. Ellis spent about 20 years in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean working in community and economic development.


email Jane jellis@charterfacilitysolutions.org


Peter Droege

Grants Program Officer, The Daniels Fund

Jim Ford

Education consultant

Chelsea Carver

Chief Development Officer, Mile High United Way

Matt Samelson

Donnell-Kay Foundation

Zach McComsey

Founder and CEO, Legacy Institute

Charter Facility Solutions is a 501(c)(3) organization